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18 May 2021|

Windshape, swiss aeropole and CSEM partner with Boeing

Boeing partners with Western Switzerland key players Windshape, swiss aeropole and CSEM to advance the existing Swiss-based UAS ecosystem, developing critical technologies that will shape the future of the commercial and defense aerospace industry. Boeing is proposing 11 new unmanned aircraft system (UAS) research projects with partners across Switzerland’s French, Italian and German-speaking regions. The research […]

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Drone DLog
10 May 2021|

Vaud-based start-up Dpendent seeks to make drones more independent

Based at the heart of the “Drone Valley”, Dpendent has just received a loan of CHF 100’000 to develop a new technology aimed at increasing the independence of drones. Nowadays, drones are used for increasingly complex missions, requiring the tool to be as efficient as possible. Although the technology is evolving, with more precise, smaller […]

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28 April 2021|

Geneva-based biometrics specialist TECH5 receives $ 2.5 million

Recognizing TECH5’s leadership and growth potential in identity management and digital ID, the company received $ 2.5 million of investment from Yinda Infocomm through a loan convertible into shares.

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DTX Exchange
21 April 2021|

Geneva-based fintech Taurus launches the world’s first regulated digital assets marketplace

Digital asset infrastructure company Taurus received a license from the FINMA to operate the world’s first independent regulated marketplace for digital assets.

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14 April 2021|

Real estate tokenization pioneer RealT partners with Geneva-based blockchain specialist Mt Pelerin

RealT, the global leader in real estate tokenization, has chosen Bridge Protocol, the open source asset tokenization technology from Geneva-based fintech Mt Pelerin, to optimize the management of its properties and its many investors.

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13 April 2021|

Crop protection UAVs pioneer Aero41 participates in a EUR 7 million project funded by the EU

Lausanne-based drone start-up Aero41 will lend its advanced software design and deployment capabilities to the EU-funded SESAME project. EUR 7 million will be invested in the project.

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Indoor drone inspection
11 January 2021|

Drone company Flyability raises EUR 7 million to accelerate its global expansion

The Vaud-based indoor inspection drone company and EPFL spin-off, Flyability, has raised EUR 7 million to accelerate its global expansion. Since its foundation in 2014, Flyability has grown to become the leading indoor inspection drone company with over 500 customers, 100 employees and a network of over 50 resellers worldwide. With its technology, the company […]

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Underwater drone
5 January 2021|

Underwater robotics start-up Hydromea to collaborate with oil giant Total

Vaud-based start-up Hydromea, which develops underwater robots, has received the endorsement of the Innovation Center for the Offshore Industry for a multi-million dollar project. The Offshore Industry Innovation Center (OGTC), based in Aberdeen, Scotland, has announced that it is supporting Hydromea, an EPFL spin-off, on a six-year, multi-million Swiss franc project comprising four phases. The […]

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