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Flybotix will use the funds to expand R&D on its ASIO drone and accompanying software.
10 January 2023|

Flybotix secures CHF 5.5 million to enhance drone navigation with its patented technology

Flybotix, a specialist in confined space inspection drones, closed a Series A financing round in the amount of CHF 5.5 million to improve industrial safety and efficiency. Drones are more and more widely used to inspect hard-to-reach and dangerous areas, but many of them are either inaccessible to most drones due to their very limited […]

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New maximum flight heights, weight limits and geographical restrictions have been defined by European regulations, which Switzerland has decided to follow.
5 December 2022|

Switzerland will follow EU regulations on drones

From 1 January 2023, drone pilots will be required to comply with new regulations. For the Swiss drone industry, having a legal framework harmonized with the European Union will be an advantage. Within the framework of the bilateral air transport agreement, Switzerland and the EU are harmonizing their regulations for the international aviation sector through […]

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US leading provider of helicopter emergency medical services, Spright, and Dufour Aerospace, have announced the purchase by Spright of 40 Aero2 with options for an additional 100 aircrafts.
15 November 2022|

Dufour Aerospace sells 140 of its innovative eVTOL towards emergency medical services

US leading provider of helicopter emergency medical services, Spright, and Dufour Aerospace, have announced the purchase by Spright of 40 Aero2 with options for an additional 100 aircrafts.

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EPFL start-up Flybotix has built a new type of drone made up of a propulsion system consisting of only two propellers.
22 August 2022|

The drone developed by Flybotix achieves a world first for indoor inspections

In collaboration with Valais-based HYDRO Exploitation, the drone developed by Flybotix carried out an inspection of a 1,200-meter-long penstock in 16 minutes. Smaller drones all share a common limitation : flight time is limited by the efficiency of the propellers and the weight of the battery, requiring missions to be interrupted at regular intervals to change […]

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La première réunion annuelle du consortium du projet Energy ECS s'est tenue à Neuchâtel en mai 2022. | © CSEM
30 May 2022|

CSEM will coordinate a EUR 33 million European e-mobility project

CSEM will coordinate the Swiss cluster of Energy ECS, a large three-year consortium project on smart and secure energy solutions for future mobility. Energy ECS (Electronics, Components, and Systems) brings together 30 partners from eight different European counties who cover a range of industries and expertise areas. The consortium is organized like an umbrella organization, with CSEM, […]

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This investment will enable Picterra to pursue its mission of democratizing access to Earth observation imagery and geospatial ML.
4 May 2022|

Picterra raises USD 6.5 million to democratize geospatial mapping

Vaud-based Picterra is a leading provider of geospatial machine learning software. The company announced the closing of a USD 6.5 million financing round led by VI Partners. Earth Observation imagery is this century’s key resource. As satellite and aerial imagery become more accessible, companies are discovering new use cases as part of their data strategy. […]

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Dufour Aerospace's Aero2 eVTOL
6 December 2021|

Dufour Aerospace will commercialize its “Swiss army knife” Aero2 eVTOL

Initially intended as a technology demonstrator aircraft, the Aero2 drone developed by the Valais-based company Dufour Aerospace will be officially commercialized. A first prototype will be built by the end of 2022. The Aero2 tilt-wing drone developed by Dufour Aerospace was initially intended to serve as a technology demonstrator. However, its performance in flight tests has led […]

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senseFly eBee drone
26 October 2021|

AgEagle to acquire Vaud-based drone pioneer senseFly

Western Switzerland drone pioneer senseFly has announced that US company AgEagle will acquire it from Parrot in a cash and stock transaction valued at USD 23 million. Founded in 2009 and employing 19 people, senseFly develops and produces a proprietary line of eBee-branded, high performance, fixed wing drones for professional use. Safe, ultra-light and easy to use, these […]

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