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28 April 2021|

Geneva-based biometrics specialist TECH5 receives $ 2.5 million

Recognizing TECH5’s leadership and growth potential in identity management and digital ID, the company received $ 2.5 million of investment from Yinda Infocomm through a loan convertible into shares.

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16 December 2020|

Y-Parc fintech start-up NetGuardians raises CHF 17 million to fight online fraud

Fintech company NetGuardians, renowned for its smarter AI-based enterprise risk platform for combating banking fraud, has successfully completed a new round of funding. Investors include Pictet Group and ACE & Company. The global coronavirus pandemic has accelerated digitization among banks, opening up new channels for servicing customers. It has also meant that many more millions […]

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Brad Smith
13 October 2020|

Trust Valley : Western Switzerland’s center of expertise on digital trust and cybersecurity has officially launched

An alliance for excellence in the field of cybersecurity, supported by multiple public, private and academic players, the “Trust Valley” has officially been launched. Trust Valley brings together the cantons of Vaud and Geneva, the Swiss Confederation, academic institutions and leading companies to build a center of expertise and foster the creation of innovative projects […]

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Alexa Integration Amazon
7 September 2020|

Vaud-based cybersecurity specialist Kudelski partners with Amazon

The American e-commerce giant Amazon has chosen the Vaud-based encryption and secure access specialist Kudelski to perform cybersecurity tests on its virtual assistant Alexa. Nowadays, manufacturers can connect their devices to the Alexa voice speaker system or integrate Amazon’s assistant directly into their products. This integration requires that their devices undergo a series of tests […]

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28 July 2020|

An international Centre of Digital Innovation to be established in Geneva

The International Telecommunication Union (ITU) and the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) of the United Arab Emirates have signed an agreement to establish a new center for digital innovation and transformation in Geneva. Known as I-CoDI, this new center to be based in Geneva will help ITU Members, Sector Members and other key stakeholders to integrate […]

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23 June 2020|

Switzerland’s Trust Valley : leading the way in international digital governance

The cantons of Vaud and Geneva are joining forces to launch the Trust Valley, a public-private partnership aimed at promoting excellence in the areas of digital trust and cybersecurity in the Lake Geneva region. The Covid-19 pandemic has accelerated the digital transition of the economy and highlighted its reliance on critical digital infrastructures and services. […]

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ID Quantique QRNG Technology
26 May 2020|

The first quantum smartphone integrates a technology made in Geneva

Using Geneva’s ID Quantique quantum random number generator technology, Samsung and SK Telekom will launch the first quantum consumer smartphone. Samsung, SK Telecom and ID Quantique partnered to release a custom edition of the Galaxy A71 5G – the Galaxy A Quantum, the world’s first QRNG-powered 5G smartphone – which will feature a Quantum Random […]

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EPFL Center for Intelligent Systems
19 May 2020|

EPFL launches Center for Intelligent Systems

EPFL’s new Center for Intelligent Systems (CIS) will act as a research promotion platform for bringing together experts in machine learning, data science, computer vision, cyberphysical systems and robotics.

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