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31 January 2022|

ELCA and BlueVoyant launch new cyber-defence joint venture Senthorus

In partnership with US company BlueVoyant, ELCA has announced the creation of a new cyber-defence joint venture : Senthorus. This operations center will allow clients to benefit from state-of-the-art protection from an independent trusted Swiss company. The partnership between ELCA and BlueVoyant brings together years of experience in IT and Cyber Detection and Response. It will enable ELCA and BlueVoyant […]

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23 November 2021|

CYSEC wins ESA contract to protect governmental data

The European Space Agency (ESA) has awarded a contract to CYSEC, a Vaud-based cybersecurity company, to develop end-to-end protection of governmental data exchanged over satellites. Satellite communications are a critical part of security and defense-related governmental communications (Govsatcom) with many use cases ranging from surveillance, crisis management, critical infrastructure management, border control, election monitoring, etc. […]

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22 November 2021|

Blockchain-powered privacy start-up Nym raises USD 13 million

Neuchâtel based privacy start-up Nym Technologies has successfully closed a USD 13 million investment round led by Andreessen Horowitz. Built by leading researchers and experienced developers, Nym Technologies is an open-source and decentralized infrastructure that offers full-stack privacy. The platform is permission-less and incentivized, empowering developers to build applications that guarantee security against metadata surveillance […]

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Symfact software
9 November 2021|

Fribourg contract specialist Symfact acquired by Scanmarket

Scanmarket, a Danish expert in Source-to-Contract (S2C) solutions, has taken over Symfact, a Contract Lifecycle Management and Third-Party Risk Management software company based in the canton of Fribourg. Supply chain assessment, data privacy, data protection and cyber security have all become urgent business requirements with the arrival of Covid-19. Over the past 18 months, it […]

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28 September 2021|

Tune Insight secures pre-seed round for its infrastructure-agnostic solutions

Lausanne-based start-up Tune Insight, a B2B software provider of infrastructure-agnostic solutions, has announced closing a pre-seed funding round. Today’s organizations are heavily data-centric when required to make sound decisions. According to data from Forrester, more than 56% of the companies in the enterprise data and analytics market acknowledge that their own data is not enough, […]

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CAS in Cyber Security
20 July 2021|

HES-SO Valais-Wallis launches a training program dedicated to cybersecurity

Between scams and phishing, the rise of remote work has made the job of cybercriminals even easier. To address this issue, the HES-SO Valais-Wallis has launched a CAS in Cybersecurity. Cybersecurity has become a major consideration these days, and it will be increasingly risky to underestimate the growing digital threats in the near future. More […]

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Data in Space
30 June 2021|

Cybersecurity specialist CYSEC brings confidential computing to space

EPFL start-up CYSEC and the Cyber-Defence Campus of armasuisse entered a Public-Private-Partnership (PPP) for the industrial implementation of a technology developed to protect data transiting and collected in space via satellites. In 2019, armasuisse’s CYD (Cyber-Defence Campus) in collaboration with Oxford University showed that with $ 300 worth of TV equipment one can access sensitive information broadcasted […]

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Team at Threatray
22 June 2021|

Deep tech cybersecurity start-up Threatray secures CHF 2.3 million

Threatray, a spin-off of the Bern University of Applied sciences, has completed its seed round, raising CHF 2.3 million to support its growth and the expansion of its team. The clues to understanding and defending against malware threats are often hidden deep in data. Most malware analysis technologies lack the depth and intelligence-based capabilities needed […]

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