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Saporo uses graph theory to help businesses model, measure and increase their resistance to cyberattacks.
7 December 2022|

Saporo raises EUR 4 million to help companies prevent cyberattacks

Vaud-based start-up Saporo has raised EUR 4 million to expand its cyberattack prevention product and bring it to more European countries. Using graph theory and artificial intelligence, Saporo aims to protect SMEs with predictive stress tests that identify potential cyberattack paths. After a successful product launch in January 2022, Saporo saw its customer base triple. The start-up […]

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ORIGYN is the largest project on the Internet Computer Protocol (ICP) developed by The DFINITY Foundation, which is one of the fastest growing blockchains globally.
17 May 2022|

ORIGYN Foundation partners with WatchBox to bring watchmaking into a new era

ORIGYN, the Neuchâtel-based foundation dedicated to identifying, authenticating, and unlocking the powers of ownership for objects of value, has partnered with WatchBox, the global leader in collectible luxury timepieces. ORIGYN and WatchBox will collaborate to produce Utility NFTs, which enables the ownership of luxury watches to become digitally tradable, efficiently unlocking secondary market liquidity. Buyers of these watches, […]

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16 March 2022|

Blockchain group Wecan continues to attract high-profile investors

Wecan Group, parent company of Wecan Comply, closes a second financing round of CHF 1.7 million with new shareholders, including Michel Reybier. Wecan Group offers the first blockchain infrastructure enabling banks to manage their customers’ compliance. The group offers a solution for the secure storage and exchange of structured data and documents between organisations and individuals. […]

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To distribute improved anonymity across an array of web-based activities, Nym offers a fully decentralized and open-source Nym mixnet that effectively prevents metadata surveillance by concealing metadata from data packets.
1 February 2022|

Neuchâtel privacy start-up Nym joined by Swisscom

Swisscom is joining Nym, a start-up specialized in leveraging blockchain technology to reward nodes that run global privacy networks. Built by leading researchers and experienced developers, Nym Technologies is an open-source and decentralized infrastructure that offers full-stack privacy. The platform is permission-less and incentivized, empowering developers to build applications that guarantee security against metadata surveillance at the […]

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Digital assets vault
17 January 2022|

Blockchain specialist Wecan raises CHF 1.6 million for its digital vaults

Building on its rapid growth with 13 banks and 59 independent asset managers using Wecan Comply, blockchain software specialist Wecan Group has announced a CHF 1.6 million fundraising. Wecan Group‘s new CHF 1.6 million funding round supports the Geneva-based company’s strategy of building a unique digital vault infrastructure with Zero Knowledge Proof, real-time auditability on […]

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ORIGYN Foundation NFT technology platforms
6 December 2021|

ORIGYN Foundation raises USD 20 million for its NFT platforms

ORIGYN Foundation, a Neuchâtel-based non-profit dedicated to identifying, authenticating and unlocking the powers of ownership for objects of value, has raised USD 20 million. Founded in October 2020, ORIGYN develops a technology that certifies and guarantees the authenticity of physical and digital items using advanced recognition and identification techniques created by leading experts in computer vision, artificial […]

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Thank my Farmer app
2 November 2021|

Blockchain-based agritech Farmer Connect wins over Japan

Farmer Connect has just announced its first Swiss partnership with Lausanne-based coffee roaster The Good Life and is officially launching in Japan, a key market. Farmer Connect is an agritech whose digitalization solutions are designed to improve the traceability, efficiency and sustainability of coffee and cocoa supply chains globally. These solutions promote fair, inclusive and efficient […]

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First Swiss Crypto Fund
6 October 2021|

FINMA approves the first Swiss crypto fund

The Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority FINMA has approved the first crypto fund according to Swiss law. Crypto Finance, a proven leader in market-forward, regulated crypto asset funds, manages this fund. For the first time, FINMA has approved a Swiss fund that invests primarily in cryptoassets (assets based on the blockchain or distributed ledger technology). The fund […]

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