The partnership between ELCA and BlueVoyant brings together years of experience in IT and Cyber Detection and Response. It will enable ELCA and BlueVoyant to service client needs on a bespoke basis. With cyberattacks escalating, together they will offer world-class implementation, threat alerting, mitigation, and resolution.

The Security Operations Center (SOC) will be based in Switzerland and all data will be processed and stored locally in the country. It will function as the new home of a considerable group of specialists in cyber-defence.

This joint venture will allow ELCA and BlueVoyant to offer Swiss organizations an integrated security service while at the same time being close at hand.

“Cyberattacks grew exponentially over the last 18 months,” explains Cedric Moret, CEO ELCA Informatique. “Senthorus has been created to reinforce our subsidiary ELCA-Security, which centralizes all cybersecurity capabilities of the ELCA Group for our clients.”

Switzerland, a key country for superior cybersecurity

For many years ELCA has established itself as the leading independent Swiss IT provider, with long- term clients in both private and public sectors across all areas of IT.

“Switzerland is a key country in BlueVoyant’s global expansion, and our joint venture with ELCA enables both companies to deliver outstanding local capabilities to Swiss organizations. Senthorus, ‘powered by BlueVoyant,’ will benefit from our federated SOC strategy, while keeping client data in Switzerland and providing expert local support,” added Jim Rosenthal, CEO, BlueVoyant.

Through Senthorus, ELCA and BlueVoyant’s way of working and combined track record will enable Swiss companies to work with the local team benefitting from best-in-class scalable cyber-defence.