Wecan Group‘s new CHF 1.6 million funding round supports the Geneva-based company’s strategy of building a unique digital vault infrastructure with Zero Knowledge Proof, real-time auditability on the blockchain and the ability to secure all assets with their digital representation (Token).

Wecan’s disruptive approach is designed in opposition to the more unscrupulous models of data security and ownership. The company’s ethos is aligned with the growing public interest in alternatives to Meta (ex Facebook).

Wecan Group intends to shake things up and has opted for a strategy that respects private data, unlike the GAFAMs (Google / Alphabet, Amazon, Facebook / Meta, Apple and Microsoft).

This strategy also addresses the growing need for data security in a world where reports of hacking and cyberattacks are becoming more frequent.

A digital vault for all

According to Vincent Pignon, CEO and Founder of Wecan Group : “One day, everyone will have a digital vault to secure their data, documents and valuables”.

With names such as Pictet, Lombard Odier, Edmond de Rothschild, Julius Baer, Mirabaud, Gonet, Syz, BIL, Reyl, Heritage, Cramer, Hyposwiss, Sygnum and 59 independent asset managers having joined the Blockchain Association for Finance in just nine months, the Wecan Group has demonstrated that its vision and its delivery capabilities are aligned.

In early 2022, Wecan Group will announce new shareholders to further internationalize, diversify and deploy its digital vaults.