Built around the company’s cutting-edge technology, Taurus’ Digital eXchange “TDX” is the first marketplace in the world to instantly connect banks, issuers and investors to exchange any digital asset.

Through the tokenization of equity, art, real estate, crypto currencies and other assets, the new infrastructure solution is aimed at unlocking liquidity for banks, company founders and even artists, among others.

To operate TDX and thereby complement its market-leading digital infrastructure with secondary market solutions, Taurus has been awarded a securities firm (Wertpapierhaus / maison de titres) license by FINMA allowing it to operate an organized trading.

Securities firms must meet a number of requirements to obtain such an authorization. They are subject to prudential supervision by Switzerland’s independent financial-markets regulator. Obtaining the FINMA license represents a major achievement for the Geneva-based fintech, as it recognizes the quality of Taurus’ team and proprietary technology that has been built from scratch since 2018.

“The launch of TDX meets the increasing demand from banks to access a regulated, open and independent marketplace for digital assets. Our newest solution empowers them to remain at the heart of the future digital economy. Our vision has always been to build a unified platform that allows banks to manage any digital asset and connect private asset owners with professional investors easily,” explains Oren-Olivier Puder, Chairman of the Board and co-founder of Taurus.

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