An American company based in Florida, RealT is a pioneer of its industry for having created a model making real estate investment easily accessible for the public through tokenization (the issuance of financial assets on the blockchain in the form of tokens).

The huge success of that model also brought increasing costs and complexity to manage each new sale, the many investors of RealT and the distribution of rental revenue.

To relieve those burdens and sustain the growth of its business, RealT sought the support of Mt Pelerin, a Geneva-based fintech specialized in digital securities.

The two companies have worked together in the last months to migrate RealT’s activities on Bridge Protocol, Mt Pelerin’s open-source asset tokenization solution, a technology first used back in 2018 to create the very first tokenized share on Ethereum.

“This collaboration with Mt Pelerin allowed us to accelerate the achievement of our vision for the future of real estate,” says Jean-Marc Jacobson, co-founder and principal of RealT.

One of the main reasons that led RealT to adopt Mt Pelerin’s solution was the ease to rapidly issuing and distributing tokenized assets that were simultaneously compliant with multiple jurisdictions (US and European in this case). Mt Pelerin has also produced a specially customized version of its mobile app Bridge Wallet for RealT.

“We are proud that our technology has been beneficial to RealT, a project that we’ve followed and admired since day one.” says Arnaud Salomon, CEO and founder of Mt Pelerin. “RealT is a trailblazer in what will be the norm in a few years.”