The American e-commerce giant Amazon has chosen the Vaud-based encryption and secure access specialist Kudelski to perform cybersecurity tests on its virtual assistant Alexa.

Nowadays, manufacturers can connect their devices to the Alexa voice speaker system or integrate Amazon’s assistant directly into their products. This integration requires that their devices undergo a series of tests to validate that they meet all of Amazon’s requirements, including new cybersecurity requirements (secure booting, hardware encryption, key storage, privileges, etc.).

To this end, Amazon has chosen the Kudelski Group‘s cybersecurity test laboratory, based in Cheseaux-sur-Lausanne in the canton of Vaud, to carry out tests on the devices in which its virtual assistant Alexa is installed. The appliances concerned are speakers, headphones, vehicles, lighting, cameras, switches and other accessories and connected devices.

One of the few authorized centers for Alexa Voice Services

Kudelski is now part of a select group of companies authorized by Amazon to test third-party equipment incorporating its Alexa voice assistant. To date, only a dozen organizations in the world are authorized to conduct these tests.

“Customers are increasingly aware of security issues and are looking for products that guarantee the privacy and security of their relatives. We are pleased to help manufacturers ensure that their Alexa integration as well as their entire IoT ecosystem is secure and resistant to security attacks,” comments Hardy Schmidbauer, SVP IoT at Kudelski.