Although companies are increasingly integrating blockchain into their projects, this technology remains a challenging one for citizens. With his NEDAO project, Fabio Bonfiglio intends to change that.

NEDAO is a project intended to provide citizens, SMEs and institutions of the canton of Neuchâtel with a unique opportunity to experiment new technologies (smart contracts, DAO, etc.) and to discover and understand new governance models and paradigms, as well as the range of applications made possible by them. This project, which has been in the making for several months, has recently received support from the canton of Neuchâtel.

The idea of the project is to create the DAO (Data Access Object) for Neuchâtel residents. This ecosystem of smart contracts opens a wide scope of applications. In other terms, it uses blockchain technology to allow people to reclaim their data.

“It would serve as a platform to submit ideas or fund projects,” explains Fabio Bonfiglio. “The DAO architecture allows people to be involved. They will be able to interact with all types of projects, from the floral balconies competition to the creation of a robotics center.”

An increasing prominence of the blockchain industry in Neuchâtel

The NEDAO project was initiated following the strong development of the blockchain industry in Neuchâtel. Many experts are considering the possibilities of these smart contracts. In legal, technological, innovation and entrepreneurial aspects, the canton of Neuchâtel is full of ideas.

Nicolas Vradis, a delegate for the canton’s economic promotion agency, is familiar with all the projects before they actually come into existence. In the case of NEDAO, he referred to it as a “super project” even before there was any state approval. A legislative task force is currently working on the question of DAOs. Several regional institutions and the law department of the University of Neuchâtel are among them.