4 December 2019 |

Crypto Valley: official launch of the Western Switzerland Chapter

Switzerland is a blockchain nation: the cluster of blockchain companies and foundations extends far beyond the borders of the small town of Zug where it originated, encompassing the whole country. The Crypto Valley Association is now officially connecting Zug with Western Switzerland.

The Crypto Valley Association officially launched its Western Switzerland Chapter on 2 December 2019 at Lausanne’s Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL). The event brought together the local blockchain and crypto community on the EPFL campus, where over 20 speakers and panelists led presentations and discussions exploring the gap between traditional and crypto finance, the opportunities and challenges of asset tokenization and the role of education in blockchain and crypto. According to Jérôme Bailly, Chair of the Western Switzerland Chapter, the choice of EPFL as the venue for the event highlights the need for training at all levels: universities, banks, companies. The Lausanne school ranks 5th worldwide and 1st in Europe in the field of crypto education.

The Crypto Valley Association – an independent, government-supported body established to capitalize on Switzerland’s strengths to build the world’s leading blockchain and crypto ecosystem – currently counts 800 small and large companies among its members, representing over 4,000 direct jobs. The Western Chapter was set up to foster the growth of blockchain and cryptographic technologies in Western Switzerland. The association drives innovation through collaboration and partnerships with entrepreneurs, startups, investors, corporates, educational institutions, service providers, and government bodies.

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