A new Geneva-based training institute specializing exclusively in blockchain provides engineers with training on complex programming languages such as Ethereum, Hyperledger, Tezos, Stellar Ripple and Libra.

Launched in early October 2019 in Geneva, the main objective of the Swiss Blockchain Institute is to close the gap between the current number of trained professionals and the ever-growing demand for blockchain development engineers.

“As of today, there is only one person in the marketplace trained as a blockchain development engineer for 14 recruitment requests from companies,” the Swiss Blockchain Institute pointed out in a statement.

The Swiss Blockchain Institute trains blockchain developers on programming languages such as Ethereum, Hyperledger, Tezos, Stellar Ripple and Libra, among others. The training courses are also intended for companies and organizations whose IT staff are keen on learning these protocols. “It is a one-day module for managers looking to identify a blockchain strategy within their company/organization,” said the institute. Following this training, participants will receive a certificate in accordance with the selected training program and will be registered on the blockchain platform.

A training institution entirely dedicated to blockchain

Defining itself as a “pure player”, i.e. offering exclusively blockchain-related training, the Swiss Blockchain Institute is the result of the meeting of two entrepreneurs from the blockchain world, Antoine Verdon (Proxeus, Blockchain factory) and Matthieu Collas (Swissnova, UnoMe). The two specialists intend to conduct training courses with a very high level of technicality and quality on various blockchain protocols. Partnership agreements with the main blockchain protocols are in progress.