The EPFL startup Flybotix has built a new type of drone, with a propulsion system consisting of only two propellers.

Smaller drones all face the same dilemma : their flight time is limited by propeller efficiency and battery weight, which requires missions to be interrupted at regular intervals to change or recharge the battery. Flybotix has built a new type of drone with an ingenious propulsion system to overcome this constraint.

The EPFL startup has designed a prototype that features only two propellers and an advanced stabilization system that allows it to double the flight time of the drone. Designed for surveillance missions, the unit is compact enough to fit inside narrow industrial ducts. By halving the number of propellers, Flybotix can then increase the size and the efficiency of the drone. The required energy consumption is greatly reduced and the flight time is extended.

In the industrialization phase

Flybotix has received many positive feedback and leads in China during CES Asia, and then with the Venture Leaders China program. The Lausanne-based company (canton of Vaud) is now entering the industrialization phase. After successfully completing its first round of financing in January 2019, the start-up is preparing a second round, with the objective of raising between CHF 1 and 2 million for a commercialization phase planned for 2020.