15 October 2018 |

Blockchain training courses launch in Geneva

By offering broader as well as more specialized training courses, the UNIGE and CREA respond to the wide interest generated by blockchain, a technological revolution that will allow the creation of new decentralized applications.

Blockchain is an important technological revolution that will allow the creation of new decentralized applications that will transform many sectors of the global economy, from finance, to insurances, to supply chain. Therefore, new training courses in this field have launched.

Starting January 2019, the University of Geneva will offer continuous training in blockchain and DLT (Distributed Ledger Technogy). These courses will be composed of four modules taking place over three months, and focus mainly on DLT, Ethereum, NEO and Hashgraph.

Ethereum was the first development platform of decentralized applications using blockchain technology”, explains Jean-Marc Seigneur, director of the training courses. “NEO is often referred to as the Chinese Ethereum. It will be the first platform taught because NEO uses the same languages and tools already known to numerous developers, while Ethereum uses new languages and tools.”

Two new broad-based blockchain training programs

Also starting January 2019, CREA, in collaboration with fintech WeCan.Fund, will launch two certifying training programs to discover the secrets of blockchain, cryptocurrencies and ICOs.

The first program, entitled Blockchain Strategy, is more broad-based and geared at anyone willing to use blockchain applications in their professional lives. The second program, entitled ICO, is more specific and focuses on raising funds in cryptocurrency.

“We are the first in French-speaking Switzerland to offer this type of program. We are always seeking to improve our offer in continuous education by adapting our programs to the needs of the economy. With these programs, we are in a proactive position in regard to this societal phenomenon”, explains Frédéric Dumonal, director of continuing education at CREA. “In Geneva, the interest generated by this type of financing system is great.”

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