9 October 2018 |

YesWeHack opens an office in Lausanne

The French company YesWeHack, specialized in bug bounty, opens an office in Lausanne with the aim of responding to the local companies’ needs.

Specialized in bug bounty software and building on its international expansion strategy, the company YesWeHack opens a branch in the canton of Vaud. Through this local presence, YesWeHack will better be able to help Swiss public organizations and private companies by providing them with their bug bounty “Bounty Factory” platform (the first of its kind in Europe).
“Switzerland is a priority market, the market is mature and the organizations are ready”, explains Rodolphe Harand, associate director of YesWeHack. “We would like to penetrate the local ecosystem and the community of Swiss security specialists with whom we already have ongoing relations.”

Thousands of cybersecurity specialists to track down bugs

YesWeHack has developed Bounty Factory, “the first European bug bounty platform”, a platform which allows companies to improve their security by inviting security researchers to track down bugs present in their software, who then receive a bounty upon finding said bugs. Through its platform, YesWeHack brings a simple, efficient and innovative solution, destined to become a staple in the defensive arsenal of Swiss companies and administrations.

YesWeHack has a community of 5,400 security researchers and proposes different types of bug bounty: private (a small community of researchers), public (wider community), internal (dedicated application), on site (for connected objects in particular). The areas of expertise range from websites, mobile apps, infrastructures and IoT.

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